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Turvamies IT Security Services

Turvamies IT Security Services is a Finnish company specialized in secure Internet servers, site and server performance optimization, digital forensics, and surveillance and anti-surveillance systems.

Our headquarters is located at Kymenlaakso, Eastern Finland. We also have an office in the Philippines, through which all of our products and services are available to all South-East Asian countries, Australia and New Zealand.

Our clientele consists of companies of all sizes, cities and municipalities, government agencies and private individuals.

Our strengths include a small an efficient organization, innovative and agile attitude, as well as a partner network developed over years of close co-operation.

Managed server platforms

Fully managed, high security, high performance and high availability server platforms are at the core of our expertise.

We also provide our customers with turnkey solutions that require no technical expertise whatsoever from the customer.

Digital Forensics and Data Recovery

We have extensive experience of data recovery and digital forensics. We provide both as turnkey services, and also resell the related hardware and software tools.

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